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Q. How do I become a member of AWD?
A. By filling in the application form which you can do on-line or we can email, fax or post one to you.

Q. Do I qualify for Membership?
A. Applicants must have a clearly visible presence in the Welding Distribution Industry with products that are also part of that Industry.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. Membership fees are based on total turnover and range from £375 for a turnover of less than £400,000 per annum up to a maximum of £1,585 for a turnover of £20m plus.

Q. What do I get out of it?
A. As much as you need, within reason. Member Benefits embrace a wide range of support functions ranging from sourcing low cost mouse mats to help with complex legal problems. Plus of course the facility to share information and present a united front to government should the need arise.

Q. Why should I buy from an AWD Member?
A. AWD Members have signed a Code of Conduct in which they agree to do business in such a way as to provide the end user customer with a high standard of service and support.

Q. Do you provide information about the market place?
A. Yes. We publish a monthly newsletter to Members only which includes a quarterly trends survey from within the welding supply industry as well as other relevant information from many national and international sources.

Q. Does AWD send Members details of any new European directives which might affect engineering distribution?
A. Yes, we do. We often see these directives at the draft stage at which time we are able to have an input to them. We even organise speakers at Regional Meetings to explain the likely implications if appropriate.

Q. From time to time we get involved with exporting products. Can AWD help with the procedures if we need it?
A. Yes, we can. We are able to point Members in the right direction for help or if we have the information in-house or on the Internet we will pass it on.

Q. Health and Safety in the Welding Industry is always an important issue. Can AWD help identify the relevant publications?
A. AWD has a strong working relationship with H & S E in particular where welding related issues are concerned and have in the past been able to secure large quantities of publications for distribution by our Members.

Q. My customers often ask me for technical help. For example, how to weld unusual materials. Can AWD offer advice on welding applications?
A. No, we cannot. However, membership of AWD gives you access to a wide variety of other members who can including the JoinIt facility at The Welding Institute through the Internet or by telephone if preferred.