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About The AWD

The Association of Welding Distribution was created to support and promote the high professional standards of its members in dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors. Over the years the AWD has developed into the true voice of the welding industry.

Members undertake to represent products and services fairly and honestly so that no-one may be deceived as to the nature, quality and fitness of the products for their purpose. Through its influence in the marketplace AWD members are encouraged to promote safe working methods and in particular safety in the promotion of welding products for customer applications.

Code of Conduct

As a member of the AWD our company recognises the need to promote high professional standards within our industry in dealing with our customers, suppliers and competitors.

We therefore undertake:

To represent our products and services fairly and honestly in advertising and promotional activity, so that no one may be deceived as to their nature, quality, or fitness for purpose, or deliberately confuse such products with the goods of another.

Not to make false representation or claim that our products or services have received a designated endorsement or approval or conformation to stated standards or specifications.

Not to publish or circulate any price list or sales terms which are not clear, correct and adequate or which might tend to confuse or deceive customers.

To educate the buyer of our products and to promote the use of welding products and equipment without misrepresenting their advantages and disadvantages.

To represent products faithfully and honestly and through fair dealing to promote our business interests.

To engage in proper and ethical standards when soliciting business without publishing false or disparaging statements concerning a competitor, or that competitor's products.

To compete with fairness and honesty, seeking business on merit and service, and to seek by open and intelligent co-operation with our competitors to lawfully increase our efficiency and service to our customers.

To thoroughly understand the nature and scope of our operations, products and conditions within our industry so as to ensure permanence and continuity.

To conduct our affairs at all times in a manner that is compatible with the public interest and the environment. Not to engage in any activities which could bring discredit to AWD or the industry we represent.

To further the products and methods of welding techniques through continuing research, development and training as appropriate.

To adhere to the Articles of the AWD and to foster and promote the maintenance of fair competitive conditions within the welding supply industry.

To promote safe methods of working at the workplace and safety in the application of welding products in customers' applications.

Not to use the Association's logo to signify the Association's approval of any particular product or service. Not to continue to use the logo or to hold out in any way as being a member of the Association having resigned or having been excluded from membership.